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Disappointed Loyal Customer

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MariaAnntionette Clayborne Total posts: 1 Joined: 07/09/21
I have a 2014 Sorento and I have never been able to update the maps on my GPS. In fact I was told that there are no updates for my vehicle year. The GPS became so outdated that it is often unable to locate an address within my own city! I bought a Garmin GPS and lifetime map updates ($400.00) because a feature that I paid for in my vehicle had become obsolete after only two years!! Now I get an email, 7 years after I purchased my Sorento, from Kia Americas stating that I can now get an update, but that it is going to cost me $100.00 ($25.00 for update SD card and $25.00 for shipping - twice for both updates)!!! This is unacceptable and horrible customer service. It is terrible that Kia would treat its customer's this way; especially loyal customers. My Sorento is my 3rd Sorento. I love the vehicle, but the Uvo system has been a serious problem. The lack of map updates for the GPS, the blue tooth sound and connection issues, and the media connection and playback issues have been a miserable experience. I have actually had to have it replaced because it crashed. It would be nice to be able to update the GPS so that the feature I paid for actually works, but to expect me to pay $50.00 every time there is an update is ridiculous. It is obvious that Kia doesn't care about it's older model vehicle owners, or about it's loyal customers. Truly disappointing.
Posted: 07/09/21 6:32:30 AM

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