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Navigation Update Caution (applies to both 2021 released updates)

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Doug Caldwell Total posts: 5 Joined: 03/09/22
HEAD UNIT UPDATE ADVISORY – one customer’s experience. Here is a huge warning about updating the head unit's software. As the owner of a 2020 Kona Ultimate, which came from the factory with a terrific radio interface (nearly the best I've seen to date on a head unit), you will lose the well-designed graphics and functionality if you, like me, upgrade the unit using a 2021 "navigation" update. Believing the update I downloaded was going to simply update the maps; instead the update severally compromised the radio's user experience and greatly reduced functionality. Gone is the ability to: 1) select presets using Sirius XM station names (now there is just a small postage size stamp shown along the bottom of the screen with the station number), 2) custom order the presets, and among other items, 3) easily view the tuned station's logo, artist and song in large, easy-to read graphics. The only item of size (read legibility) on the downdated display is three large "vacuum tube" renderings showing the station number. There is no way to revert back to the previous interface other than to replace the head unit – or to purchase a separate Sirius tuner and plug this into the dash. I've spent the afternoon calling various Hyundai customer support numbers and the only recommendation one of the support technicians could offer, is to log a post to this site. I hope this is heard and fixed in the upcoming 2022 April update. Hyundai can, and has been proven to be able to do so much better than this.
Posted: 03/09/22 3:20:56 PM

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