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General Inquiries

Product & Pricing
Map Update version 14.10 coming in November 2020

The next map update version 14.10 will be available on 11/16/2020. 

Free map update for GEN 4, GEN 5, GEN 5 Wide, P. GEN 2, and P. GEN 5 head units will be available for download at the following websites:




The same map update can also be purchased at www.mapnsoft.com website for $25.00 + shipping.

A purchase option will be available for other head units that do not qualify for the free download update.

We will add more info later. Thank you.

Map Update version 14.5 on Aug 25, 2020

The version 14.5 map update is a special release by Hyundai, KIA, & Genesis Motor of America and the update is available for the following GEN 4, GEN 5, and Premium Navigation System:

  • 7“/8” Standard navigation
  • 10.25“ Standard navigation with wide screen
  • 9.2“ Premium navigation
  • 12.3“ Premium navigation

You will need to download the software to be able to retrieve the map update for your vehicle. Please go to either one of these websites to get the software:

Version 14.5 map update is available for the following model years and later.

Version 14.0 map update is available for older vehicles at www.mapnsoft.com



Elantra GT2016
Ioniq Hybrid2017
Ioniq EV2017
Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid2018
Kona (Iron man edition)2019
Kona Electric2019
Santa Fe Sport / Santa Fe2017
Santa Fe (Long Body) / XL2017
Sonata Hybrid2016
Sonata Plug-in Hybrid2016
Tucson Fuel CellNA
Genesis CoupeNA
Genesis (DIS JogDial)2015
Genesis (Touch)2015



Forte 2-Door2017
Forte (4-Door)2017
Forte 5-Door2017
Niro Plug-in Hybrid2018
Niro EV2019
Optima Hybrid2015
Optima Plug-in Hybrid2017
Rio (4-Door)NA
Rio 5-DoorNA
Soul EV2015



G80 (9.2in Premium)2017
G80 (8in Touch)2017

Please follow this link to check the required SD card/USB drive size: 


Please contact us if you have any other questions

Why there is no download option for my map update?

The decision for download/free update availability is coming from Hyundai, Genesis, and KIA Corporation, not MnSOFT. As you may notice, the v14.5 map update released in Aug 25, 2020 is part of the global offering thru the manufacturer website (instead from MnSOFT website). Please call the manufacturer customer care for any concerns you may have about the map update availability options.

At the moment, free download map updates are available only for the GEN 4, GEN 5, GEN 5 Wide, P. GEN 2, and P. GEN 5 head units. Shipping option is also available. If you happen to own a vehicle with GEN 1, GEN 2, and P. GEN 1, map update is only available thru a shipping method. Please go to www.mapnsoft.com to purchase your latest map update. 

How much is the map update cost?

Map update is Free when you choose to download it. You must have Hi-speed Internet connection and will be required to provide your own SD card or USB thumb drive to store the downloaded files. Wireless or mobile Internet type of connection is not recommended. You also have option to purchase the map update and ship it to you; the cost is $25 USD* (or $30 CAD)* for the product plus shipping & handling fee.

*This fee does not apply to 2017 & newer Genesis customers.

Is there any advantage to purchase the map update instead of downloading it?

Yes, convenient of having your map update arrive in an SD card or a USB drive and ready to install. Otherwise, you may have to reuse or to purchase the correct type and size of SD card or USB drive for the download. Please also make sure you meet the minimum system and download requirements. The map update content is exactly the same between a purchase and a download.

Map update for my vehicle year or model is not available; can I purchase/download one from a different year or model?

Although some map updates may share the same files & configurations, we highly recommend for you to only order map update for your vehicle year and/or model.  Please call us at 888-757-0010 for any questions.

Do I have to update my map every year?

Map updates are not required to use the navigation system, but they are encouraged in order to get access to the latest roads and points of interest, which can change up to 15% every year. 

If you are looking for a specific address or POI, please call us at 888-757-0010 to check prior purchasing/downloading the update.

Can I purchase/download the Canadian product to be installed on a USA system or via versa?

Although the map update contains both countries, the country software version is not interchangeable. You have to purchase the correct country software version for your vehicle.

When are map updates released?

There are two map releases per year - Spring (around March) and Fall (around October). For older models (typically 2013 and older), there is one map release per year in the Spring.

What type of payment do you accept?

For shipping order, we accept: VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Paypal*.

Remember please check to make sure your map update is available for download because it is free to download.

* you don't need to create a Paypal account

How to tell if I have GEN 4, GEN 5, or GEN 5 Wide?

You can tell by the SW ver in the System Info of the head unit. For examples:

  • If the SW ver: ST.JF.USA.E533.190218 - The "E" between the USA and 533 is for GEN 4
  • If the SW ver: TLFL.USA.SOP.V115.200324.STD_H - The "V" between the USA and 115 is GEN 5
  • If the SW ver: LX2.CAN.S5W_M.V004.001.200826  - The "S5W" is for GEN 5 Wide
Return & Refund
What is the Return Policy?

You may return the product within 30 Days after product is delivered and not installed yet. Please mail the package with tracking#. Product that has been installed cannot be returned unless defective. Defective product or product damaged by shipping company during transit for delivery can only be exchanged for same item. Shipping & handling fee is not refundable. We will provide return label when we shipped or recommended the wrong product. Please call us at 888-757-0010 for any questions or to start the process.

Can I exchange the map update if I ordered the wrong one?

If you ordered the wrong product and would like to exchange it, please call us immediately at 888-757-0010 to start the process. You will be required to purchase the correct product first and we will ship the return label with your new order. We will process the refund less the shipping & handling fee after we received the wrong product.

Can I return the product if I am not satisfied?

We are sorry that you are not satisfied with the product, but we only accept return for refund if the product has not been installed. If you haven't contact us yet, please call 888-757-0010 and let us know what the issue is.

Can I return the product if it doesn’t contain certain address, point of interest, or road?

Return for refund is permissible if the product has not been installed.  It is our goal to deliver the latest roads and points of interest available, but due to the natural passage of time from when these millions of these data points are collected, compiled, tested, and released, some information may not be available.  Please contact us to check on any specific addresses, point of interests, or roads prior to purchasing the product. You can also submit missing data by using the REPORT MAP ERRORS link: https://www.mapnsoft.com/hyundai/map-error-reporter   

When can I get my refund?

Please call us at 888-757-0010 to start the return process. When we received the product, we will refund only the cost of the product.  Shipping & handling fee is not refundable.  Original packaging is required for a refund to be processed.

Why do I need to create a free account?

The free account will allow you to track your order, shipping, and access to re-download. We respect your privacy and your information is only accessible to MnSoft.

My shipping got delayed, what can I do?

We are sorry that your shipment got delayed. Since we are not affiliated with the shipping company, we are not responsible for any delivery delay that is happening at the delivery company. Please contact them to find out what they can do for you.

When will the order ship?

Orders are typically processed within 1 to 2 business days. When orders are placed before 10am PST we do our best to process them same day. Please call us at 888-757-0010 if you need to make any changes or cancel to your order.

How can I track my order?

Please login to your FREE ACCOUNT and then go to MY ORDERS to find your tracking number. Please call us at 888-757-0010 if you experience a long delay or suspect a lost package.

Can Hyundai-MnSoft ship the product outside the USA or Canada?

We do not ship internationally, but please call us for special circumstance & consideration.

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