What is the Genesis Multimedia/Map Updates program (MapCare)?
Active Genesis Connected Services subscribers with embedded navigation systems receive complimentary map updates. The update provides the latest maps and points of interest (restaurants, hotels, etc.), as well as, other software improvements. Owners receive three years of free updates for new vehicle purchases.
What models are eligible for MapCare?
All 2017 Genesis models and newer.
When are the new map releases?
There are 2 releases per year - Spring (around March), and Fall (around October).
How do I check the current map version in my vehicle?
In your infotainment system, go to your system info page located in the settings to find the Map Version.
How do I know if my map version is older than the current version?
If your map version starts with a lower number than the current one offered, then you need an update. For example, if your map shows 10.47.XXX and the current version available is 11.41.XXX, you can update.
How much does it cost?
Genesis MapCare updates are complimentary. We will not collect your billing information on order checkout.
Where do I register my vehicle?
On your dashboard, select "+ Add Vehicle" and you will be able to validate your VIN.
How do I place an order?
Select a validated vehicle and your can press the Place an Order button. If you already placed an order, there will be additional options to view or place new orders.
What are the computer requirements to download the map?
A PC running Windows 7 or newer, at least 30 GB of free hard disk space, and an SD card slot or reader.
Where can I find instructions to update?
Instructions are available on your dashboard under each validated vehicle. An overview is also available under Hyundai Owner Resources
I tried to sign up using my VIN but it says my VIN is not registered. What happened?
It typically takes until the following month for your VIN to be reported from your Genesis dealer to MnSOFT, the map provider, so please check back the following month. If the VIN is still missing more than a month following vehicle purchase, please contact our technical support.
I am having trouble downloading the update. Help!
Most download problems will be resolved if you free up to 30 GB of disk space or temporarily lower your security settings (i.e. firewall and antivirus). If you think you have a new issue, please contact our technical support.
I am having trouble installing the update. Help!
Please contact our technical support.

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